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NERO - male crossbreed.


*** Nero needs an experienced adult only home, and with someone who`s around most of the time ***


Nero is a 2 to 3 year old medium sized male. He is about the size of a German Shepherd and knows some commands, he loves treats and takes them very gently, so reward based training would suit him. . He walks quite well on a lead and really enjoys exploring the woods and enjoys lots of fuss. Nero has come on in leaps and bounds since arriving at the rescue, thanks to our volunteers. He didn’t have a good start in life and sometimes, still, when frightened he will sink to the floor. Nero gets on with other dogs and passes other dogs well while walking.

Nero needs a home with someone who has time and patience to give him space to become accustomed to new surroundings, and continue his training and socialising. He has a lot to give and will make a super companion


Foster home update:


* “I was able to take Nero home for a sleepover recently and thought the following write up might be helpful.  Nero is a very playful GS cross with bags of energy and is still very puppy-ish in his behaviour.  He can be over excitable if you meet him at the rescue, but in a more settled environment he calms down nicely and I found him easy to get along with although he will need lots of attention and training.   He had not been house trained but after a couple of sprinkle accidents he quickly picked up that the garden was the proper place to go and after a little coaching I had no further problems so I think it will be quite quick and easy to finish his house training.  In the house he was well behaved and although preferring to sit on the old sofa with me rather than in his bed, responded well when I had to be firm with him and tell him what to do.  He did make it clear that I wasn’t able to take his chew toy off him so there’s a little work to be done there, but I had no problems at all during meal times or with bed possessiveness.  When I was eating he would as you might  expect try and scrounge a titbit, but once he realised this wouldn’t work would lie down quietly until I finished.  


Nero loves to play with toys but he does try and mouth as part of his play if allowed.  While it can be a little uncomfortable it was actually quite gentle and I saw no aggression at all in what he was up to.  It came across as puppyish “exploring with his teeth” more than anything else and I had some success with distractions and ignoring when necessary, but is something that will need some time and patience to eliminate entirely. With me around the whole time (I didn’t get a chance to leave him alone for any length of time) he was well behaved in the house and did not try and chew anything he shouldn’t.  With his bed in the hallway he also settled down nicely overnight with no noise or fuss so we both had a good nights sleep.  We enjoyed a lovely long walk the following morning where he was very well behaved, walking  nicely and largely ignoring other dogs (and sheep and horses).    He will sit and give paw for treats although its often a bit over-enthusiastic and sometimes more of a gentle mugging, but again all very puppyish and playful.  We finished off playing ball in the garden and I was very pleasantly surprised by the way he retrieved, returned and released really nicely, it really was a joy playing with him and all too soon it was time to take him back to the rescue.  


Nero does need owners who are able to train him from basics and at the moment his idea of play is too rough for small children,  but in the short time he was with me I saw a playful, inquisitive and attentive temperament, and ability to quickly learn if given the right guidance.  For someone who has the time and a little patience to train him he has the potential to be a really great family pet and/or companion. I know he’s welcome to come back for sleepovers with me when I have time.

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