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Our Benji has been with us for some time now. He is looking for a home where he can have a routine and feel safe.




Benji has come a long way since being in our care and is one of our long term residents. Benji is looking for an experienced and assertive owner, he can be picky with his canine friends but could live with compatable female dog. Benji bonds with his owner quickly and will become protective.  Benji enjoys playing ball and will make a great companionfor a right owner. Benji is unable to live with children.

Benji is looking for a certain kind of home and has some issues, ideally Benji would need to be into a 1 person family and in a household with no visitors.



Update: From foster dad


 * A bit about me – middle aged chap confident with dogs.  My girlfriend likes dogs but is not confident with big ones.  My most recent dog was a big lurcher who I had for 11 years until he died last year aged well over 16.  When I rescued him he had been “in care” for 3 years, was food possessive, bed possessive, had no recall and wasn’t allowed out without a muzzle, so I understand doggie problems as it took a couple of weeks to cure him.  After those 2 weeks he was a wonderfully well behaved hound and a pleasure to be with.  


Anyway, here’s Benji’s write up  


 "I fostered Benji for 5 nights over Easter to give him a holiday and find out just how he would be in a real house.  Having walked him several times I’m amazed he has not yet found a home so thought this report might help.  First of all Benji is a highly intelligent and affectionate dog who will make a very fulfilling companion for the right owners.  He has so many plus points and only a very few bad habits which, based on the progress we made in one weekend would be quickly resolved by an experienced owner.  


He absolutely loves to play, especially fetch, although his favourite game is to then challenge you to get the ball or chew toy off him once he has it.   I tried a second ball as distraction but he just picked that up too and carried both around together.  He also loves water and happily jumped into my pond when I accidently threw the ball in which made us laugh.   If he doesn’t get enough attention he will try and chew stones although this was easy to stop, and just giving him his own balls and chews did the trick.   He will sit and give paw(s) when he wants something, often without being asked, loves to be cuddled, loves to roll over and have his tummy rubbed and will give you a playful lick in return.  


 In the house his behaviour was excellent.  He does not bark, just the occasional woof if something startles him, and he did zero damage.  I left him on his own  for up to 3 hours during the day with no issues, and overnight he had the run of the lounge and kitchen – again with no problems.  He did not disturb us overnight apart from one night when he needed to go to the toilet and woke me to be let out.   His house training is very good indeed.  An experienced owner is needed because he has a very strong pack sense and his natural instinct is to be number 2.  He bonded very quickly to me but it took a couple of days for him to accept my girlfriend as his mistress.   It wasn’t difficult to achieve this and because he is so intelligent he learned quickly, but its something to bear in mind for anyone who takes him.  The only other issue we ran into was that he is a little bed possessive and will defend whatever area he decides is his bed at the time, especially when he’s tired in the evening.  This will usually be a corner spot where he feels secure.   Again, we were making good progress with this in 4 days and I’m confident an experienced owner would eliminate this behaviour in a couple of weeks at most.  A little common sense, patience and bribery will do the trick.   Feeding was no problem and we used this as part of his training, so in 4 days he had learned to wait until commanded by my girlfriend before taking his dinner.   When we were eating he sat quietly and did not intrude unless invited.


On walks he is generally really easy.   He does not pull, and walking past other dogs will usually ignore them.  Even when other dogs come to him he just has a quiet sniff before going on his way.  We also walked in close proximity to horses and sheep with small lambs with no sign of aggression, and I saw nothing to suggest that he wouldn’t get on with other dogs or animals.    


Benji needs an experienced owner and is not suitable for small children, but if I was in a position to take a dog on myself I would have no hesitation inviting this lovable hound back into my home.  I would be happy to brief any potential owners and hope someone who reads this will give Benji the chance he deserves.”




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“Wasn’t it lovely weather at the weekend and I’ve got to tell you about Saturday which was just a great day.   I’d just had my breakfast bone when who turned up but Uncle Russ and Auntie Lexie with my (well I’m sure he saves it for me) red collar which can only mean walkies.  I was so pleased to see them I may have overdone it on the face licking and now I know Lexie is also in my pack I gave her a big hello too.  Was even more excited to find out that my kennel mate Indira the Husky was coming too, and once I’d realised that I wasn’t allowed to drive I settled on the back seat until we got back to Russ’s Kennel (which is a bit bigger than mine)!   Anyway, it turned out that all four of us were going walkies for the day so once Russ and Lexie had got ready and loaded up with treats and extra water off we went.  Had lovely time heading up through the woods from Wansford to Nassington  and I was on my best behaviour as you would expect (no pulling from me), and once we’d settled down Indira (who I have to admit is rather clever) was also walking nicely.  We stopped every so often for water and to cool off and both learned how to behave nicely to each other and ask properly for treats and the occasional tummy rub.  Lexie is clearly just as important as Russ so now I treat her the same and let her be boss too.  


We eventually ended up at a Pub where we could cool off (I like these places and so does Russ), and I was introduced to a new person who I wasn’t too sure about until Russ introduced us properly and somebody bribed me – after that we got on fine.  Turned out it was Russ’s brother who used to have a Husky a bit like Indira (maybe Russ was up to something here).  Anyway, food arrived and I was on my best behaviour and waited politely until I was offered a few titbits, Russ was very pleased with both of us and everyone liked Indira when she started talking to us as only Huskys do.  We then headed back along the Nene Way and although it was hot I was still full of beans but pleased to get home.  Even happier when I found out we could both stay for an hour and run free in the garden.  Indira and I loved that and we both ran around (a lot), I managed to pinch both tennis balls but Indira found an old football and I couldn’t carry all 3 so gave up and chewed a stick.  It was a bit hot by then so Indira jumped in the pond to cool off and I went paddling in the stream.  All too soon it was time to go back to the rescue centre but we had a lovely time.  Russ was delighted with the way I’ve bonded with Lexie and got on with his brother, and Indira really came out of her shell; Russ thinks she has a really nice temperament even though she likes to be boss and I have to tell her off occasionally, and will make a lovely family pet.  Russ still doesn’t understand why nobody wants me and would love to talk to anyone who might give me that special home”.  Love and Licks, Benji       

Volunteer update:


* Well here I am,  still at Dog Rescue, so in the hope of finding a comfy sofa for Xmas uncle Russ suggested I tell you about my latest adventure.  Russ and Lexie decided to take me home again and this time my kennel mate Venus was able to come with me.  That was great  because even though I come across as a roughie-toughie sometimes I do rather like Venus.  She is very cute and I enjoy licking her ears but she’s no pushover and we get on really well.  Anyway, back to Russ’s house and we were able to have a lovely run around in the garden, I was able to play with my balls and Venus was able to chase me (she is a very fast runner) but no chance of getting my toys off me.  I was also able to cool off in my favourite muddy pond before Russ made me have a rinse off in the stream.  Venus is much more sophisticated though and sat on the bank and watched.  We then went off for a walk up the Nene Way when we spotted a poster for Woofstock Festival in Yarwell.  Now I’ve not always got on with crowds but as it was very doggie friendly Russ thought it would be good experience for me to visit.  He did make me wear a muzzle on the way in until we got through the crowd, but I was on my best behaviour and you know what, I didn’t need it and as soon as we found somewhere to sit he took it off and we had a lovely time with no problems, even when lots of other dogs came to investigate.  I just need a little space and apparently, ignoring them and going to sleep under the table is the right thing to do.  Venus meanwhile had a whale of a time but she is a complete and utter flirt – what she sees in these skinny greyhound types is lost on me but she enjoyed herself so  I forgave her.  When we got home we were able to stay in the house overnight and Russ was again really happy as we were perfect house guests.    Even better, I’ve now learned to share the old sofa with everyone else and not be possessive which is apparently a big step forward.  Venus was also really excited in the morning and started chatting away before breakfast – Russ said she really came out of her shell and is quite a character.  Sadly, once we had our breakfast it was out for another  walk then back to the Rescue.  Hopefully there’s someone out there who will give little old me a chance now – I’ve learned so much this year, and please don’t forget Venus, she’s a lovely lady.

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