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Once upon a time, it was German Shepherds and Dobermanns that the media got its teeth into.


Now, it's the turn of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


The price for increased newspaper sales has been an exponential increase in staffy deaths - as potential owners shun this loveable breed, condemning many to a lonely death after their seven days are up in the pound.


Look at all the websites. Multi-breed rescues are full of staffies, and Animal Helpline is no exception.


We get more calls about saving staffies than any other breed.


So, why consider a Staffy?



Here's a multitude of reasons.


Generally, they:


* Love human company.

* Suffer few illnesses, reducing vet bills.

* Are loyal and loving to the end.

* Are sound sleepers - staffies often love nothing better than a good snooze in a comfy place when you're out at work.

* Don't need lots of exercise - two 30 minute walks a day keeps the average staffy very happy.

* Are easy to train - most staffies can master sit, stay, into bed, out (for a wee), up, down and rollover very quickly.

* Feel your emotions - and are there to give you a cuddle when the world is getting you down.

* Require little grooming thanks to a short coat.

* Respect their home environment - it's rare to find a staffy which will soil indoors.

* Are at the quieter end of the spectrum when it comes to noise.

* "Talk" to you when excited - so endearing to hear.


We love staffies here at Animal Helpline. Their smiling faces and easily-contented nature warms even the hardest of hearts.


Several of our foster carers own lovely examples of the breed. And they wouldn't be without a staffy as a member of the pack, or exclusive only-dog.


If you want a companion to play ball with, to carry that special stick, and to reward you with hugs and kisses, please do consider our staffies.


They're all individuals and we'll do our best to match dog to owner and lifestyle.



For some of our Staffordshire Bull terrier fur babies looking for new homes please see the following pages.

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