Animal Helpline Dog Rescue




why not give the gift of life & love to a rescue dog?


Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire


The Rescue relies on donations and fundraising.

Items needed




We need:


Dog Food, dried is better- can you organise a food collection with family and friends. Buying an extra tin or pack of food with your weekley shop?

Blankets, throws, bedspreads and single duvets (no pillows or sheets).

Toys for the dogs, new or used.

Slip leads.

Tombolla prizes. Nice things, bottles of wine, chocolates, smellies, items we can use for raffles and tombollas.

Fancy doing some fund raising for the kennels?


If you have a few hours spare how about lending a hand to do tombollas, street collections, car boots etc to help raise funds. Please give us a ring to be put in touch with our helpers who fundraise for us.


Could you organise a carboot and send us the proceeds? Great way to make new freinds and you would be helping a worth while cause at the same time.


To join our fundraising team please contact us on 07709036103

Could you spare a few hours to help at the kennels? Helping walk the dogs is a great way to get some excersize and really make a difference to the dogs time in the kennels.

It helps socalise the dogs, gives them some excersize and burns off pent up energy. Keeps the dogs healthy and really helps the over run kennel staff.

For more info please  click here 

Builders/ workmen

We are in the process of updating our kennels.


Have you any building skills, or plumbing, decorating etc you would be willing to give your time and skill to help update and maintain exsisiting ones?


Are you in a position to help with building materials? Bricks, fencing, cement etc.

Amazon wish list

We have a Amazon wish list  CLICK HERE

Unwanted clothes


We have a clothes bank at our rescue. Any unwanted clothes/ shoes (no linen) please do bring along.


My Story –by Teresa Phillips.


I don’t  know why I went there

I just know I was found

And then somebody took me

To a place they call the pound


There were many dogs around me

I felt their bewilderment and pain

Then one day they disappeared

And never  barked again


Then  it came to my turn

I was quaking in my paws

They put a lead around my neck

And led me to the doors


I was very frightened

I realised my fate

I offered up a silent prayer

As they opened up the gate


Then I felt the sunshine

In the distance stood a man

He picked me up and carefully

Placed me in his van


Then I heard the man speak

He said that I was safe

I was being taken

To a place they called AH


We travelled quite a distance

And then at journey’s  end

The van doors opened slowly

And I recognised true friends


Quite quickly someone spotted me

They looked into my soul

Looked past my colour and my breed

And saw me as a whole


I went home to live with them

My new life had begun

I have been so very lucky

To have found a dad and mum


Now I send out a message

Will you listen to my plea

There are still so very, many dogs

Who are unwanted, just like me



We do not ask for very much

Some food, a bed, a bone

A walk, a brush a comfy lap

But most of all a home.





If you adopt a dog from  Animal Helpline you will be saving the life of another!