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Scarlett is eager to go on walks but she can be a bit strong on the lead at times so she would need someone to help her with this. Scarlett is a lovely looking girl who gets on well with her kennel mates. She takes time to trust people and prefers women from men, Scarlett is looking for a quiet home with not many visitors she does have some issues that will need to be worked on  ...SEE MORE




Miller is a male Lurcher who came into our care via the pound, he arrived underweight and alittle confused.  When you first meet Miller he can seem alittle stand offish, but as soon as you get the treats out he is your best mate. Miller is a smart boy who would do well at reward based training. He gets on with his female kennel mate and passes other dogs without issue. He is stunning looking boy with unusual markings. Miller would make a great companion. SEE MORE


Volunteer update:


*  Have been meaning to blog for this boy who my OH walked while I walked Jolene, I could see him quietly watching us all the time, sitting when I told her to sit, walking nicely on his lead, and being very patient waiting his turn for his treat, he is the face you always see in the bottom pen watching and waiting while all the doggies go by for their walks, one handsome boy, hope someone takes him for a walk and sees his potential.





Angus is looking for a special kind of home . He came to us in poor condition and very distrustful of people . He has been lucky enough to find a foster home recently . This is what his foster mum has to say about him .

Angus needs a lot of time and patience to build a bond with his human friends . He needs to be allowed to do this at his own pace , and not be pushed. He has a few issues which could be challenging for a new owner but with a little guidance , they should be able to overcome them . Angus needs a child free home . He'd suit a steady lifestyle with a strong routine and boundaries. He isn't keen on being groomed but we are working on this and he does allow me to administer his eye ointment several times a day without issues . Angus is spotless in the home and sleeps perfectly well , he is able to be left in the day with free run of the kitchen . Angus gets on with most other dogs , specially the ladies . He has an amazing character and he never fails to make me smile . I am really enjoying fostering him and I believe he will be fantastic company in the right environment. Angus does have some issues to overcome so anyone interested in him will need to be fully prepared to work with him .



* Miller has changed a lot since first came in and has understood that we mean no harm and Animal Helpline is a wonderful place to be! Miller enjoys spending time with his kennel mate and loves his walkies! Miller is a young boy who is ready to learn new tricks and commands, he will sit nicely for a treat and will thrive in an active home. Miller is a lovely pooch who just needs some guidance and love...

For more information on Angus please call or message on 07702162851 SEE MORE




Tommi is a very large crossbreed boy who's simply a big softy! Tommi is around 7 years old and is full of zest for life! He is a big lad who will require a large breed experienced home and plenty of exercise, Tommi is a wonderful dog with super nature. He gets on well with other dogs and wouldn't mind to have a home with canine companion, equally he can be as an only pet so he can get all the cuddles and love this big boy needs. Tommi is a fantastic lad who would make a wonderful companion.




Nico is a stunning crossbreed youngster who is looking for an active home and someone who will invest time in his training. Nico is a strong boy and will need some basic training, he's absolutely gorgeous lad who's very sweet and cuddly. Nico is very energetic so will need a home where he would be able to receive plenty of exercise and interaction. In a very short time Nico has captured many volunteer hearts and we have absolutely fallen under his spell! This charming boy will reward you with some great walks, slobbery kisses and mahoosive cuddles! Nico is a fantastic youngster who will make someone very happy!




Loki is approx. 2 years old Terrier boy who has a sunny nature! He enjoys his walks in the woods and is an easy going lad. Loki shares his kennel with another dog and they get on well, he's an energetic boy who would love to be involved into all the fun and adventures. A super lad who would fit into many homes!