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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

Dogs Needing

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KING - male Yorkie.



King is our new arrival and is a very delightful little man.


Please give us a call for more information.

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FERGUS - male Husky.



Fergus is absolutely stunning Husky boy who loves to be out and about and does walk well on the lead. He likes to explore woods and has had some training in the past. Fergus is fairly young and would benefit from a home that would continue his training and development. Fergus is perfect example of his breed - inside and out.

LEVI - male Staffie cross.



Levi is a happy Staffie cross boy who has got a zest for life and lots of love for people. Don`t be confused by his serious look in the picture - he was just concentrating on getting some delicious treats. Levi is a clever boy and do know several commands, and would love to have a home where he would be exercised mentally and physically.

Levi is a fantastic boy all around and would make a wonderful companion.

ERROL - male Labradoodle.



Errol is a young and bouncy male Labradoodle who is just a big goof and would benefit from a family that will ivest some time into his training. Errol gets on well with his female kennel mate and would be able to live with a compatible canine companion. Errol is only a youngster who is full of beans and will make a wonderful companion.