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BENJI - 8 years old male Rottweiler x German Shepherd cross.


Benji has come a long way since being in our care and is one of our long term residents. Benji is looking for an experienced and assertive owner, he can be picky with his canine friends but could live with compatable female dog. Benji bonds with his owner quickly and will become protective.  Benji enjoys playing ball and will make a great companionfor a right owner. Benji is unable to live with children.


Benji is looking for a certain kind of home and has some issues, ideally Benji would need to be into a 1 person family and in a household with no visitors.


Update: Benji recently had a few days away from the kennels with one of our volunteers. Russ found Benji a delight, he bonds quickly with one person and would like a home without children, has lots to offer and was a perfect house guest.

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ROWENA - female crossbreed.


Rowena is beautiful girl who just melts your heart! Rowena is a little bit unsure of her surroundings and new people but she always has got a waggy tail and loves her walks in the woods. Rowena is looking for a home with a canine companion, and experienced adult only home.  Rowena is unusual looking girl and won`t take much space in the home, she`s a sweet girl who just wants to be loved. She is looking for a home where she would be given plenty of time to settle in and gain your trust. Rowena is a looking for a home with no children.



SHEBA - female crossbreed.


Sheba has arrived into our care a very timid lady. She will bark and watch all that is happening from her kennel with interest but as soon as you approach her she will try to hide and seek to make herself invisible. With her kennel maids she is beginning to trust a little but will need a new home with lots of patience and time to allow her to settle and learn the routine. A dog like Sheba just needs time and kindness, a home where she was expected to meet lots of people or visit lots of places would not suit her, she needs to learn to trust and learn that people will not harm her. Sheba will need a secure garden.

CAVRAL & TILLI - male and female crossbreeds ( very bonded father and daughter )


Cavral & Tilli are father and daughter, they are very bonded and are looking for an understanding home together!

This beautiful pair need a quiet home with dog aware owners.

They do walk on a lead now but they would need more work to establish a secure connection from lead to handler . They both are fully  loving and easy going.  Both like to play . They would be quite happy with just a large garden to exercise in . They are clean in their kennel but do chew cushions . Cavral and Tilli just need time really with whoever is going to home them, they are willing and very keen to bond with people.

We aree looking for a special kind of home for this beautiful pair, they have so much potential and lots of love to give.



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BINGO - male crossbreed.


Bingo is a male cross breed who came into our rescue a very worried soul, he hasn`t seen much kindness in his life and was scared of human hand. With our volunteer help Bingo now is out an about enjoying his walkies. Bingo has come a long way in respect of gaining confidence and trusting people, he adores his female kennel mate and would love to have a home with confident canine companion. He has shared his kennel with male an female dogs with no problems, although ladies are his favourite! Bingo is still a little nervous a would need some time to settle in the home environment and learn how to trust you. He needs a home where will be given enough time to adapt to new surroundings and new experiences. Bingo is a fantastic dog who is ready to meet that special someone!



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