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GIDEON - male Lurcher.


Gideon has recently come itno our care, it`s a sad sight as he is covered in scars an clearly has been let down by people. Despite that, he loves poeple and loves a good cuddle. Gideon likes food and will wag his tail in exchange for treats. Gideon is super boy who really deserves a loving family.

CAVRAL & TILLI - male and female crossbreeds.


Cavral & Tilli are father and daughter, they are very bonded and are looking for an understanding home together!

This beautiful pair need a quiet home with dog aware owners.

They do walk on a lead now but they would need more work to establish a secure connection from lead to handler . They both are fully  loving and easy going.  Both like to play . They would be quite happy with just a large garden to exercise in . They are clean in their kennel but do chew cushions . Cavral and Tilli just need time really with whoever is going to home them, they are willing and very keen to bond with people.

We aree looking for a special kind of home for this beautiful pair, they have so much potential and lots of love to give.



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RESOR - male Beagle.



Resor is an independent lad who is not overly affectionate but I really find him a character and have got to know him pretty well since he has been with us. He is a very clever boy who just loves to be out and about. I feel he would suit a home with someone who is about all the time as is destructive if left on his own or even better is out to work and using his intelligence.



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JOEY - male crossbreed.


Joey arrived into our care a very timid boy, he would hide in his bed or hide behind his kennel mate. Now he is in a foster home and has improved greatly, Joey lives with several other dogs and gets on well with most of them but can be choosy about his playmates, which leads us to think he will be better off as the only dog in the household. He can be nervous of strangers and new environments but once he gets to know you he can be very affectionate and loves cuddles. He is still timid but he continues to gain confidence. Unfortunately Joey is not suitable to be homed with young children and he's not really keen on cats.


GEORGE - male crossbreed.


George is a male crossbreed who loves poeple company and enjoys his walks in the woods. George is a little strong on the lead but does calm down. He is only a youngster and will benefit from further training.

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JAGER - female crossbreed.


Jager is a female crossbreed who is only a youngster and is looking for a loving family. Jager loves people and enjoys cuddles. Jager would be able to live with older children and would love to be a part of the family again.