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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

CONNOR - male Lurcher.


Connor is young male Lurcher who is looking for an active, experienced home. Connor is quite an independent boy, and he loves to be out and about in the woods. Connor is a lively lad who would require an experienced owner who has the time and commitment to show him kind boundaries. Connor would be re-homed as an only dog so that he could get all the focus & TLC he craves for. He clearly has had some training in the past and would love a home where he could carry on learning all the tricks and manners. Connor is a lovely lad who will make someone very happy.



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GINA - 7 years old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


Gina is a beautiful example of her breed and is looking for a home where she would be able to unpack her bags and snuggle up to you! Gina is a fantastic 7 years young lady who loves to interact with people and will make a great companion. She is a good natured pooch who just adores back scratching! Gina is a fairly small size and is a happy, outgoing girl. She just gives you that beautiful Staffy smile and you can't help but fall in love! Our beautiful Gina will need to be a an only pooch in the household, where she would be able to receive all the love and attention she craves.

Our Gina has had a terrible life before coming into our care and appears to have been used for breeding, which has left her little body ravished. We have now brought a smile to her face and all she needs now is a loving forever home.



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PHARO - male Saluki.


Pharo is an absolutely stunning example of Saluki breed and has recently come into our care. Pharo is a little bit unsure of his surroundings and is a shy boy, he lives well with his kennel mate and will need a home with a canine compnion. Pharo came into our care with a bad skin, it`s being treated now and we`re sure his fur will grow back in no time! Pharo is a very sweet and gentle lad who just needs some confidence building. He walks well on the lead and takes treats gently, overall Pharo is a smashig lad who just needs a little bit of help to understand that this world is a beautiful place.


Charlotte and Pharo have recently become singletons as their kennel mates have been rehomed. So, after a few introductions, these two have now been  paired up. We love to watch them play bowing at each other and having a real good game in the run. We tried to get a video of the fun, but as usual they stopped when the camera came out. This video does show the end of their game. Charlotte is teaching Pharo that Humans can be kind and Pharo is definitely teaching Charlotte how to play play play!!!



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MURPHY - male Staffie cross.  


Murphy has recently come into our care due to a change in his home circumstances. Murphy is 3 years old. He is a chunky boy who would love a new home to call his own.

This wonderful boy is typical to his breed - fun loving and affectionate! Murphy loves his walks in the local woods and isn`t afraid to get his feet wet! Murphy likes to march through puddles, water streams and mud - so if you`re looking for a gantastic walking partner and cuddle monster then our boy Murphy is a friend for you!

RUSS - male crossbreed.


Russ is a large male crossbreed who is very friendly and goofy. Russ will need a large breed experienced home due to his size, so far he has showed no reaction towards other dogs and we think that he might be able to live with a compatible canine companion. Russ has clearly had some training in the past and is very responsive boy. He walks well on the lead, but is strong and will need a good handler. Russ is a wonderful lad who would make a great companion. 

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