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PHARO - male Saluki.


Pharo is an absolutely stunning example of Saluki breed and has recently come into our care. Pharo is a little bit unsure of his surroundings and is a shy boy, he lives well with his kennel mate and will need a home with a canine companion. Pharo came into our care with a bad skin, it`s being treated now and we`re sure his fur will grow back in no time! Pharo is a very sweet and gentle lad who just needs some confidence building. He walks well on the lead and takes treats gently, overall Pharo is a smashing lad who just needs a little bit of help to understand that this world is a beautiful place.


Charlotte and Pharo have recently become singletons as their kennel mates have been rehomed. So, after a few introductions, these two have now been paired up. We love to watch them play bowing at each other and having a real good game in the run. We tried to get a video of the fun, but as usual they stopped when the camera came out. This video does show the end of their game. Charlotte is teaching Pharo that Humans can be kind and Pharo is definitely teaching Charlotte how to play play play!!!



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RUSS - male crossbreed.


Russ is a large male crossbreed who is very friendly and goofy. Russ will need a large breed experienced home due to his size, so far he has showed no reaction towards other dogs and we think that he might be able to live with a compatible canine companion. Russ has clearly had some training in the past and is very responsive boy. He walks well on the lead, but is strong and will need a good handler. Russ is a wonderful lad who would make a great companion. 

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STORM & BLIZZARD - male and female Huskies. ( 10 years old )


Storm and Blizzard are 10 years old siblings and looking for their forever home together! This lovely pair has come into our care through no fault of their own, they have lived all their lives outside and slept in the nice, warm kennel, so a home where they would be able to spen plenty of time outdoors would be suitable for them.  Storm & Blizzard are stong on the lead, but will calm down after a good walk, they are typical Huskies and will require a large breed experienced home. They are lovely dogs, still full of energy and happiness.

Storm and Blizzard will make a fantastic companions to someone who understands breed traits and has enough time to exercise them, as well as give unconditional love. 

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COLIN - male crossbreed.


Colin has been a loyal companion for most of his life. He has lived on the streets with his owner. It was felt that as Colin grew older it would be fairer to him to have a roof over his head and it was decided that Colin should come to our rescue to help him find a new home. Colin can be strong boy on the lead. He is affectionate and committed to his humans. He now needs to find a space to rest his head.



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LENNY -  male Staffie.


Lenny is very handsome Staffie lad who is typical to his breed - loving, outgoing and cuddly! This boy loves his walks and can be strong on the lead for the first 10 minutes but then calms down. He loves his walks through the woods exploring his surroundings. Lenny is a clever and well mannered boy who knows several commands and would love to learn some more. He takes treats gently and enjoys a cuddle and kisses. Lenny is just a wonderful chap would would make a wonderful companion.