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why not give the gift of life & love to a rescue dog?


Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

Animal Helpline was set up some 30 odd years ago by Roz who is dedicated and committed to helping homeless dogs find new loving forever homes.

With a merry band of volunteers Roz and her team have saved 1000's of dogs over the years and found them new homes.


A lot of our dogs are strays from the pound who serve their 7 days to be claimed and then would have been destroyed if Animal Helpline had not offered these dogs a rescue space.


We help a lot of the more harder to home dogs and dogs who otherwise would have no other chance of a rescue space.


Below are some of these dogs in their new homes, happy faces, we love hearing how our dogs are doing and hope you enjoy reading these success stories.


Hi all,


We adopted Ella, the gorgeous SBT cross, (known as Elle at the time) from you back in October last year.  We thought you may like an update!


She settled in straight away; friends and family couldn't believe how well behaved she was and she has well and truly become part of the family.  I couldn't imagine life without her.  She loves her walkies and could play fetch for hours!


She is the most loyal, intelligent, obedient, gentle and loving dog I have ever known and she is more than we ever could have hoped for.  


Thank you to all at animal helpline <3


Laura and Karne xXx




Hi Ros,


We adopted Cain (now called Jasper) on the Royal wedding in 2011 and just wanted to tell you how great he is getting along. He was a bit of a nervous dog when we got him but now he is so confident.

He loves his walks in the parks and swimming in the sea when we go on holiday.

Here are some pictures for you to see! :)



The Papworth's XXX





         "Hi,We rehomed a dog with you last year, Marble, a Belgian shepherd. Hopefully you remember her, she was fostered out when we adopted her, she's doing great and we love her to bits. She has been amazing and everyone who meets her loves her. As a few of the pictures show she leads a VERY active life.. when she isn't on her bed cuddling her duck that is..... Having been with the amazing trainer for a few months she came to us with a really good level of obedience/training that she has only built on. She now lives with our 11week old son who we have no doubts will end up being best of friends. She was the perfect addition to our house. She has become very very good friends with another rescue dog from you guys named Nala, a large German shepherd cross with big floppy ears, that you might remember. We keep meaning to get a picture of them together for you guys! Will try to remember"




“Although she is a girl, we call her Teddy because she’s SO cute; she is just adorable and so good natured - everyone loves her to bits. She lives happily with our cat (they both use the cat flap!) she is a bundle of energy and loves long walks. She was only 3months old when we adopted her from you, thankyou AH for all you do.”




Just a little update, Lexi has settled in really well here considering she's only been with us since Saturday she's doing amazing! She's was taking a while to settle at night but we've cracked that now, she's also got a bit of separation anxiety but with all our love and reassurance she's getting better every day. We've started her training and she has an amazing recall off her lead. Her temperament is wonderful and she doesn't bat an eye lid at the children and is so chilled, she's really made herself at home! Even after 5 days I couldn't imagine life without her in our family. She went to the dog groomers yesterday and was such a good girl! Here are some pictures of our beautiful baby girl, thank you so much for taking her in and caring for her and all the other dogs that end up in your care through no fault of her own.”

Hi this is Freddie, just to give you an update of how I'm doing now I'm with my new family! Since I've been with my new family I have settled in well and have learnt loads! I can sit, stay and have learnt to walk on my lead without pulling. My new family play with me loads and we get up to lots of fun, they tire me out by taking me on lots of long walks, I love my walks and my favourite thing about them is collecting big long sticks which are twice my size, that I then attempt to drag along with me. I love going outside and playing with my ball and destroying all 10 toys I've had so far after 5 minutes! After a long day, I love to sneak all the way under my human sisters blanket and cuddling up after a tiring day. I've proved to my owners I'm a terrific jumper! ( I really should be in the olympics!) they had a pet gate to keep me in my kitchen after muddy walks, 1m 10cm was no problem for me to jump, so now the gate is gone I've learnt the word 'bed' but it's great, as when I go to my bed and stay I get some delicious treats! I miss everybody at animal helpline, but I'm loving my new family and home and they love me too. I would like to thank you all for helping me find my forever home! :) Love from Freddie  xxx