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Registered charity number 1151287  Wansford Cambridgeshire

We rescue unwanted dogs and puppies, and rehome to new

loving homes.

Thousands of unwanted dogs, strays and pound dogs have found their way through our kennels during the 30 years we have

been rescuing dogs.

You are very welcome to visit our kennels by appointment 

Registered Charity  Number 1151287



Have you ever considered offering a Staffordshire Bull terrier a forever home. The answer maybe "no" it maybe "yes" but before you decide please see our




and reasons you may be surprised by for considering a Staffordshire Bull Terrier






Welcome to our website and we hope you find the perfect companion for youself. Before you start your search please do take a minute to read about our appeal to find loving new homes for some of our overlooked residents. At Animal Helpline we try to help any breed who needs our help space permitting, for this reason a majority of the dogs we do take into our care are the ones who may wait longer for a new home.

A large percentage of people looking to help a rescue dog will want a Spaniel a Labrador a small dog or a Collie type. The plain crossbreed the Staffordshire Bull terrier the large dog will all be bottom of most peoples list or not even make that list.

This appeal is a push for that dog, the one people will pass and not even give a second glance to, the one who if you saw a picture of you would quickly pass over, the one who may not have the looks but the nature that would just be perfect for you.


Would you take  A PEEK  at some of these dogs waiting patiently





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If you enjoy walking and have a passion for dogs come and join our dog walking club and get fit in the process.

We are looking for volunteers to walk our dogs, especially our large dogs during the week. Please ring 07849 637862 or 01780783331






Alot of people are not able to adopt or volunteer but you can still make a dog's wish come true by sending a gift via our


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Thank you to Pets at Home and Pedigree for all their support and donations.





New Year and once again we are faced with a number of emergencies one of them was RAFA. This dog was dropped off at the vets with a dislocated hip and no owner. A quick call to AH and we agreed to help this wonderful dog .The vet bill is expected to be over £1000 and luckily Rafa is currently in a foster home .If you feel that you would like to contribute to his care then Rafa would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU.




poorly dog



We are looking for a part time kennel maid. The position is self employed. You would need your own transport, be fit and keen, good sense of humour and a passion for all dogs big and small. For more info please email animalhelpline@hotmail.

preferably with a copy of your CV.  




Our little Poppy has a rare genetic disease called L2HGA. It is an uncommon but debilitating neurological disease that affects Staffys and some other breeds. The truth is, we don’t know what the future holds for her – she may have a short life, and it’s therefore so important that we find her a safe and happy home just as soon as we can – her quality of life now is paramount We are really looking for a special kind of home that is prepared to take her on with her ‘disability’ and love her just the same  

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Please meet two lovable lads looking for new separate forever homes. Nicky and George both Staffordshire Bull terriers. Nicky has sadly been in our care for some time but George is a newbie both so deserve new homes so are featuring here to highlight them and hopefully catch someone's eye.





Nicky has spent some time at home with his kennel maid and here is what she had to say about him.


Nicky came home with me for a little break he was a great house guest, he adores his football and like most SBT's will chase it, bring it back to you , leaving it for a treat.....FOOD is Nicky's key motivator. In the paddock his 'come' command is brilliant and he will 'sit' to wait for a stroke.


Nicky has mixed with my 'calm' dogs here with no issues although I would suggest that he would prefer to be re-homed as an only dog so he gets all the attention. He is bouncy therefore a home with children 10+ would be best as he may knock over little ones.


Nicky needs a home where the family understand that dogs need clear, calm and kind boundaries as he can get a little bit dizzy sometimes, although with a firm command he responds so well.


There are so many positive comments about Nicky that I am not sure what else can be said about this wonderful lad hopefully he will get a call soon to offer him the home that he so deserves.


We all LOVE Nicky at AH although it would make our year to see him settled in a loving, forever home.


If you do visit Nicky walk him on a harness as he gets so excited and pulls on a normal lead but on a harness walks so much better and we want you to see how wonderful our Nicky is.



Please meet George one of our new arrivals, George has not been with us long but we would love to find him a new home as he is not happy in kennels. For George we know he will probably be with us a long time as so many people will pass him by, if he was a Pug or a Westie he would be snapped up but sadly he was born a Staffie one of the most unwanted breeds in the UK. Georgous George's world has fallen apart and he was due to be put to sleep until we offered him a rescue space, but he is finding kennels a lot to take in and is a sad boy. When out on a walk he is a typical staffie, bouncy, loving and full of sunshine and anyone who has owned or knows the Staffie breed knows how much joy these dogs can bring to your life. George would prefer to be a only dog

Nicky12_zpshzthtgfv george




One of our long termers Benji recently had a day out, to read Benji's account of his antic's please do